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    and last of all here’s an iphone recording of us playing this new track ‘alex’, thanks to patt for sending this over. shea records all their sets super well so in a week or maybe a couple weeks i’m hoping to post their versions of the new tracks so yall can feel em out. the mix on this is heavy on my guitar so you lose johns harmonies a little in the solo which is a bummer but unavoidable, and vocals are far from my best but hey whatever!! it was a great time. i love the fuck out of this song. here’s your first taste i guess if you weren’t at the shows. it’s only going to get better from here ya?

    could not be happier that they’re making new music. seeing this played live in the beginning of the summer was a dream come true for me.

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    people who change pronouns in songs so that they sound straight are weak

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    love is a weird thing like

    you just pick a human and you’re like yes i like this one i’ll let this one ruin my life forever

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  6. my halloween costume idea this year is putting a fun play on a very traumatic event that happened to me last month.

    still unsure how i feel about said event and unsure how i feel about poking fun at it. but oh well i don’t have any other ideas and i wanna win that swag bag (prize awarded to the winner of the costume contest).

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    *ends every piece of advice with “idk though” so that its not my fault if i ruin ur life*

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  9. I’m here a lot…

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    And I’ve lost chapters from the dizziest of nights,

    and I find comfort in the few familiar eyes that got away.